With one breath

their souls evaporate

as they desperately gasp for air

in a world painted just for them


Lost were the days

where smiles brought the sun

Not even hope glimmered in a sea of vanity

Obedience brought them comfort

and kept their minds and bellies full


To think for yourself?

How blasphemous they shouted

punishing the sheep that tried to lead them from peril

The wolves nipped at their feet as they edged closer and closer to war


I close my eyes and see my master

his glory extends far beyond this world

and pours into millions of stars, worlds, and the souls of beings unknown to us

So I dare perceive my existence far beyond the limitations

set upon my brothers and sisters by the wolves in sheep’s clothing


Living is that last experience we will know

to become a slave to another mans mastery

is to forfeit your soul for eternity




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