Four Walls

Four walls tremble steadily

Like the engine of a car on its last mile

Each beam inside splintering as

the seconds continue to tick my perseverance away

They are my last hope to bridging my strength to a better future


I shower my feet with memories long past

but they continue to lap at my feet

like stormy oceans that never find rest

who will kiss my feet and forgive my sins?


I step out of my crib

to meet the incandescent rays

that bless my eyes each and every day

as I meet my weary gaze

and with the courage of a deep sea welder

I forge my cold composure together


I bow my head to come out of myself

and peer out to life’s bow, port, starboard, and aft

I take a second to appreciate that moment

Take a deep breath and go back down under

as I continue my leeward journey.




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