Lovers Block

What happened to love?

Did it walk away and ask for change?

Did it fly away only to find a soul covered in mange?

Why has it evolved to be so picky?

When it lies famished in our hearts

So quickly the mast comes down when love was ready to sail

Why cant I love?

Writers block, artists block, lovers block?

Slave to my past I draw this rusty iron carriage

Every memory sending lashes across my back

This is the love I know

Like murky swamp water it runs down my body

Every step is cold and wet

Heavier and heavier as the days collide together

A glimmer in the future bears my bloody nails

As I desperately gasp for air in a sea of stars and lost hope

I descend slowly down ward

Shattered mirrors at my feet

Greet me every morning

You know this thing called love…?

It’s not so easy

It eludes those who don’t even see it in themselves

Oh well there goes another mirror…..

Artwork: “The Planet is Covered by Silvery Sleep” is an art installation by Konoike Tomoko.

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