Hippy Home Maker Tip #1

By no means do I skip showers, smell like patchouli, or cary an emergency sage kit; but I do care for my environment and make small changes in my everyday life to help in my own sort of way. Im always buying hand soap one because I actually wash my hands…..like a lot (Just because you’re home doesn’t mean your surfaces are clean from crap you’ve brought in from the outside world)…Well like most people I end up throwing these bottles away for a new seasonal scent that makes you feel like you are being whisked away for the 30 seconds you are scrubbing those beer jerkers. Then quickly realize that its just soap…. sniff your hands and keep it moving (Cant deny it I always sniff my hands to try and smell the soap after Ive washed my hands).

So I found a quick solution to saving the planet and curing my obsession with foamy soap. I feel like foam soap gives you a sense of cleaner hands because it suds up more than regular soap. I started making my own quick foamy soap, I saved a foam soap bottle that ran out (Hi, Im René and I’m addicted to buying Bath and Body Works hand soap especially when they have a huge sale or give you a coupon you can’t resist….”Hiiiiii, René”) and went out and bought me some Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap the big stuff. Touted as being the clean all from laundry, skin, hair, surface cleaner…etc I just use it for my hands and occasionally as a body wash. Its super simple and theres plenty of scents to match everyones needs. Just follow these steps!

What you will need:
1 bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap any scent
1 empty soap foamer bottle
…and water (please note if your tap water is especially hard or soft, you will need to substitute bottled water so that the soap will bubble well) I live in Texas where the water is really hard and haven’t had issues.


Using the ratio of 1 cup of water to 1-2 table spoons of Dr. Bronner’s soap
Fill up container with water FIRST! (Prevents it from foaming up while your filling with water)
Followed by the amount of soap you have measured out
Screw your cap back on and give it a little shake
and there you have it takes no more then 5 mins, and saves you a ton on buying soap especially if you have rug rats runing rampant around the house!

Side note: If you want to get creative and want to add your own personal touch. You can buy the unscented Dr. Bronners soap and buy your favorite essential oil… My favorite is Cedar, Eucalyptus, and Sage and just add a few drops until your desired scent strength is reach. Make your own seasonal smells! Enjoy

Now go out and skip, pick flowers and hug your trees as flamboyantly as possible lol!


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