Chugging Haterade

The LGBT youth is a punching bag for some of life’s worse obstacles. We get bullied, we get kicked out of our homes, we get harassed, outcasted, stripped of basic human rights….and flat out killed and tortured. Everyday we see progress in our communities and new relationships are built between the gay community and the many other communities that used to tear us down and shun us away. So when I first saw the viral video of Brendan video bombing a news cast my first reaction was YAAAAAAAAAS! look at this kid not holding back any once of personality. Not that I was alive during the harsher times such as the Stonewall Jackson riots but I’ve dealt with my share hiding who I was for a long time. To see the new generation of LGBT youth budding out of their shells at a younger age with less fear than when I was their age; gives me hope to one day live in world that truly is loving towards all living.

Brendan’s fearlessness landed him his 10 seconds of fame which then landed him an ad campaign with American Apparel where he very flamboyantly poses in the ad. Nothing made me happier then to see him make his dream come true…..but all smiles were cast aside when I started reading comments made by other gay adults from our very own community such as:

“A little too much pep in his step”
“Maybe he should dial down the glitter”
“He’s too flamboyant and a horrible representation of the gay community”
“And I’m sorry but flamming flamboyancy isn’t the best model of the lgbt community”
“I accept flamboyancy and I’m fine if people want to that way , but its not an accurate reflection of the community who have just normal acting people”
“Love this kid, but maybe he could dim the lights and sparkle just a little bit?”
“Back when I was his age – I would have been BASHED…. Not sure what he is doing is good or bad…. Oh so Queer!”

SAY WHAT! So I ask you, who would make the ideal ambassador for all things gay? I feel I would be met with an answer in Grindr lingo and it would probably go like this…”No fats, No Oldies, No Twinks, No Blacks (Not racist just a preference), Masc, White Only (again just a preference sorry), Clean, likes the outdoors and guy stuff, oh and has to know the difference between your and you’re”…..*Face Palm Shakes Head*

Here we cry and lobby for acceptance but we tear each other apart behind the glittering curtain…Gays are coming into the light more and more after been bound to darkness for so long. It was within that darkness that our nails were sharpened with insecurity and our shallowness and vanity flourished in order to be the perfect man whose sexuality went unnoticed in the world; but those days are long gone all eyes are on us.  We cant preach equality if we cant practice it ourselves.

So to Brendan I say keep on prancing and vogueing and just plain out being YOU! and to those of you chugging HATERADE…. learn to appreciate the success of others, the LGBT youth has among the highest homeless and suicide rates…. These KIDS are already being stoned down by the straight community…..why would you pick up a stone?

2 thoughts on “Chugging Haterade

  1. As a community of individuals from all walks of life. All different backgrounds, different views on life and how “you should act” there is no such thing as an accurate rep of this community. The same way there is no such thing as an accurate rep of cis males and females or black communities and Latino communities etc. We all work together to make up this community. There will never be one person to speak for us all because we all view life differently. But that’s not my point. We need to band together as humans. And stop looking at people based on how flamboyant they are, or how (and I cringe when I say this ) masculine they are. Until we start looking at people as individuals and drop the filters there will never be one person to represent anyone but themselves.


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