“You’re to cute for him”

Don’t you love that feeling you get when you first meet a new person you think is cute and has just about all the qualities you would want in a guy except for a couple…? You continue to try and allow something to develop while keeping a slight doubt in the back of your head. You call your besties in for the final verdict thinking “Yes!” they will know if he’s good enough for me! But do they really? Looking back at many of the guys I’ve dated I have to say I’m pretty sure I’ve let a few go that were worth keeping and instead I now feel like I was a mini incubator that prepared them for their now loving relationship that…well…quite frankly could have been me had I not listened to my friends. In the age of social media, long gone are the days where like a scene out of Sex and the City, you could just happen to pass by your ex with his new fiancée and keep walking, talk about it over drinks with your friends and brush it off. Today your bombarded with constant reminders of what could have been with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram….etc.

So when is it ok to look to your friends for love advice, if ever…?

How often have you met someone and your friends are like, “Oh you’re too cute for him” inflating your doubt even more. So after you’ve picked apart the guy you’re dating, now you’ve let your friends come in like vultures fueled by your doubt to devour what was left of what could have been a promising relationship.

Friends do play an integral part in your personal growth, but what is said by them should sometimes be taken in doses. After all, what you find attractive may not be what they find attractive. You might be willing to overlook some physical or minor personality flaws that your besties may be like “OH HELL NO! BYE!” In the end, if you find the courage to overlook the mountain of doubt you and you’re friends have made, you will see that your friends will love him as much as you do. It’s ok to be “Too cute for your friends advice.” 

Now let’s be honest this doesn’t apply to drug addicts, abusive relationships (Verbal or physical), or any situation where your life is put in danger. THAT’S WHEN YOU LISTEN TO YOUR friends and where you GET YOUR LIFE.

Now lets be honest this does’t apply to drug addicts,abusive relationships (Verbal or physical), or any situation where your life is put in danger. THATS WHEN YOU LISTEN TO YOUR friends and where you GET YOUR LIFE.

4 thoughts on ““You’re to cute for him”

  1. It can be so hard to not listen to your friends, especially your bestie…they are your bestie for a reason. But family can be just as bad. The things said are not said in malice but in love (at least in my case). I want nothing more than to see my bestie smiling and truly happy. It is a tough road to travel on both sides…


    1. I agree sometimes its good to get a scoop from your friends or family but its also important to know who you are enough that you know when and when not to listen to those who decide their two cents in.


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