This Grave is Occupied

A poem I wrote in memory of a great friend I lost while deployed.

This Grave is Occupied

The days ran cold

Your heart exuded a warmth

So far reaching

A homeless man halfway across the world slept at last

A light flickered within me in your presence

My soul knew you long before my body did

You walked this land

With an armor made of love

Never showing distaste towards mankind

All paths taken were made righteous

By the man who chose them

Your last path was a courageous one

Every step taken scorched the soles of your feet

With out faltering you proceeded

Every sight seen engraved emotions

That would drive any man mad

Your bones ached from the weight of mankind’s greed

Your heart wailed a warrior’s cry

Day in…day out

But the smile never faded

You continued to walk

Long after your body was left painted

With shades of blue and grey

You continued to walk

Until you were met by sea of white stones

They sparkled as the sun drenched over them

You came to a halt at one in particular

After recognizing your own name

And whispered to yourself

This grave is occupied



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