“…But We Have Salads!”

My last day in Hawaii my best friend and I found ourselves hungry and wanted to enjoy an awesome meal before I flew back to brave the icy wasteland that was my home. Leaving my skimpy swim trunks, flips flops, and frozen margaritas behind somewhere on Queens Beach. Between my vegetarian diet and his paleo obsessed cross fit diet we always find ourselves disagreeing on places to eat.

I decided to pick a random restaurant off Yelp! that day I figured we would just take our chances since we couldn’t decide on anything.  Hiroshi’s Eurasion Tapas ended up being the winner that night. It was located in what looked like an abandoned corporate building with maybe one street lamp working. You know? The kind where you expect something to jump out at you. To top it off we had to go in through the emergency exit only after we noticed a creepy old man from a window on the other side motioning for us to go through it. To then having to jump a small metal fence; clearly we entered the wrong way. When we walked in I was taken back by the upscale decor, low lighting, and beautifully dressed hostess. I suddenly felt underdressed in my board shorts and T shirt…I blame the Hawaii effect! After sitting down and skimming through the menu we weren’t to happy with the limited choices. We asked our surprisingly energetic geriatric waitress (she was ooooold but was definitely a frisky one) if they had better vegetarian/paleo options?…She surprised us again with “We actually have a separate Vegetarian/Vegan menu and a Gluten Free Menu” You could have sworn something poked both our bottoms (hehe) my friend and I jumped in our seats and smiled at that in excitement.

I’ve never been to a restaurant, besides an actual vegan/vegetarian one, that takes the time to make a specific menu for different diets. I’ve become accustomed to the usual reply “no, sorry we don’t have vegetarian options, but we have salads!”…(Insert blank face and fake enthusiasm here) You might as well have told me to go outside and chomp on grass while mooing like a cow. It has been my experience so far that most restaurants resort to either a veggie burger which is typically some frozen off brand crap that looks like pressed wet cardboard. Or a pound of quinoa, slathered on a plate, with pretty leaves. Which is usually flavored, but jeez all you need is about 1/2 cup and your full off the stuff, but Ill be damned if I don’t finish that $16 pound of quinoa and pretty leaves (eating the pretty leaves is a must! Its classy trust me haha)

So if a restaurant owner is not going to take the time to make several vegetarian dishes then why can’t they at least dedicate the time to make two GREAT vegetarian dishes! So no I won’t eat your salads or moo like a cow lol  …(sigh…vegetarian problems)

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