America has seen its share of fashions trends that have crossed over from what has traditionally been for women to then making a bold statement as a male trend or attempt to. Like the male version of a purse dubbed the “Murse” and now get this! MEGGINGS! Leggings for men; Yes! I think I’ve died and gone to Gaga Runners Heaven.

After living overseas for quite some time I’ve noticed that there seems to be more acceptance for gender neutral fashion trends then the U.S. is willing to accept. I couldn’t turn a corner in Tokyo without seeing a Japanese man on his scooter, purse at his side, and flawless scarf flapping in the wind as if telling the world “Yes world I’ve acknowledged my fierceness now get out of my way because lord knows I can’t drive for shit” (Oh and the scooters…Everywhere! Causing traffic and accidents! Weaving through traffic like they were in some sort of protective invisible field where nothing could harm them. I couldn’t tell you how much it took to keep me from “accidentally” swinging my car door open) But “Murses” are culturally accepted in Japan, I even witnessed a heterosexual couple with matching purses; I had to laugh at that one. Thats a little much, almost as bad as seeing a couple dining side by side sharing from 1 plate. I mean really? Are you in 6th grade if you were gonna do all that, you might as well have stayed home and shared a Kid Cuisine t.v. dinner…awww wait thats actually really cute lol.

I love to run and when I run Im either in the shortest shorts I can buy or I’m in running tights …or they were bought as leggings but I call them running tights because I thought the color was cute! (Maaaay or may not have been from the women’s department) So knowing that I can now buy tights in crazy prints for “Men” is exciting I mean the “M” replaced the first letter of the word so this makes it ok right? Actually… No, I think adding the “M” is just an immature ploy to make men feel comfortable when purchasing something that has predominantly been worn by women….and myself (don’t hate I look fabulous in clothing that looks as if its been spray painted on; ask my straight buddies or check out Fousie from Fousietube lol) Why can’t you just put a man and a women on the label and call it a day!

Basically I feel that a man shouldn’t be afraid of buying a women’s product or vice versa; I have my share of women’s T shirts, perfume, Jeans. You would never have guessed that they were for women. So if you think you can rock it…Then own it! Theres no need for a constant divide between the sexes. So don’t be shocked if you see Meggings as your next street fashion trend, but for now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be at

2 thoughts on “Meggings!

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